Crisis Response (1/7) – Be Comfortable with Uncertainty

As promised, I managed to get the first module of the Crisis Response Training “Be Comfortable with Uncertainty” online on YouTube.

It deals with one of the most important prerequisites for successful action in a crisis situation: being comfortable with uncertainty. This is necessary if you want to act decisively and quickly. If you are comfortable with uncertainty, it is also easier to see opportunities that arise – sometimes spontaneously – during a crisis. If you are comfortable with uncertainty, it is also easier to see opportunities that arise – sometimes spontaneously – during a crisis.  Mostly, we focus on negative consequences, but every crisis also offers new opportunities and possibilities. In short, enough to take a moment to think about.

I’ve you like to follow the whole training I advise you to subscribe to my YouTube Channel “Wingstar Crisis Response”. A subscribe button is added at the end of each video.

That way, you will miss nothing.

For me this is quite an achievement to make a transition to online training because a video production is completely unknown territory for me. 

With limited equipment making sure the picture frame is good, the lighting, sound, editing, images in the right place and subtitles. In addition, creating a YouTube channel and upload the videos and add the subtitles. I made a lot of mistakes in the process, so I learn very quickly. Anyway, I am proud of the result and am now working hard on the next module.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

Also, if you think that others may benefit from the training, you’re free to share it.

Stay healthy and safe.

PS. Module 2 will be posted next week (around May 14)

What if … you understood the principles of Crisis Response

At the moment, the whole world is dealing with the coronavirus (COVID-19) which causes both a health and economic crisis of unprecedented magnitude.

Only when we're informed, aligned and join efforts, we can successfully cope with this worldwide health and economic crisis.

From the many discussions on social media and people’s reactions, I conclude that not everyone understands the corona crisis well and especially in what phase of the crisis we are in right now and what to do next.

Misunderstanding, incorrect, or incomplete information makes it difficult to understand the current situation, to take the right decisions and to act properly. A lot of people suffer from this.

That’s why I have decided to put my “Crisis Response” training online in the coming weeks. For free, so everyone can benefit from it.

I am convinced that everybody needs at least the basic knowledge of Crisis Response – especially in this time of crisis.

For more information about the training:

If you want to be part of it, please join my Wingstar YouTube channel.