Crisis Response (7/7) – The right strategy to move forward.

The last part of the free Crisis Response training “The right strategy to move forward” is now online on our YouTube channel. Below, you also find a link to download the associated FREE Crisis Response Course Workbook.

In this video, you will learn five different strategies to move you and your organisation forward. Depending on the degree of uncertainty, one of the five strategies is best applicable. Therefore, every entrepreneur should be aware of these five strategies. You put your organisation at a disadvantage if the wrong strategy is applied.

Especially in the VUCA-era it is necessary to apply the right strategy, remain flexible and react quickly to opportunities and threats that arise.

After this module you will know the pros and cons of each strategy and you will be able to choose and apply the right one for your organisation. You learn to follow your internal compass, and you use the BSL method on your voyage of discovery into an uncertain future.

By completing all 7 Crisis Response modules, you will now have the necessary insights and simple but effective tools to guide you and your organisation through every crisis and period of uncertainty.

INSTRUCTIONS: On the YouTube channel, there is a short description of the module. Below the description, there is a table of content with bookmarks (times). By clicking on a bookmark, you directly proceed to that specific part in the video. This eases navigation through the module.

I strongly advise you to turn on the subtitles (English). This will make it easier for you to follow the training.

In order to follow the whole training, it is most convenient to subscribe to our YouTube channel and refer to the playlist. A subscribe button is added at the beginning and at the end of each video. Simply click on the Wingstar logo.

Here is the link to our latest video:

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